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Cadet Expectations

Cadet Costs

Cadet Program FAQ


Expectations Of Cadets
  • Active Participation

Cadets are expected to participate in CAP to the extent that they are interested and able, but active participation is a prerequisite for promotion. (See CAPR 60-1, para 3.3.1.)

To advance to a higher rank, cadets must actively participate in the five elements of the Cadet Program:

1. Leadership
2. Aerospace Education & STEM Kits
3. Physical Fitness (for fitness standards, CLICK HERE)
4. Character Development
5. Participate In Activities (to demonstrate the cadet can apply what they have learned)

  • Absences

We understand cadets will not be able to make all meetings, activities or events. How we address absences is outlined in CAP Regulation 60-1, para 3.3:

—  Attendance & Promotion Eligibility. Active participation is a promotion requirement
because direct, in-person involvement in the Cadet Program is the most effective way for cadets to demonstrate their learning. “Active participation” is not precisely defined because the reason for, frequency of, and duration of absences varies greatly. It is suggested that commanders consider cadets “active” if they participated in 4 meetings or activities during the previous 8 weeks.

—  Attendance & Leadership Opportunities. A cadet’s ability (or inability) to attend meetings on a regular basis may affect his or her opportunity to serve in a leadership position. Members of the cadet staff need to be dependable, regular participants. Unit commanders exercise their judgment on these matters on a case-by-case basis.

—  Occasional Absences. If a cadet knows he or she will be absent, the cadet is expected to notify local [cadet] leaders through the chain of command.

—  Extended Absences. If the cadet will be absent for multiple weeks, the cadet is expected to file a leave of absence with the unit commander, in writing, indicating the expected date of return.  During a leave of absence, participation in special activities beyond the weekly meeting is at the discretion of the unit commander.


Cadet Costs Associated With Membership
  • National CAP Annual Dues

National cadet membership dues are $35 per year, payable online upon initial membership application, and on or before your anniversary date each year.

  • Squadron New Cadet Starter Package

There is a one-time cost of $ (2019 Cost TBD) per cadet for the Squadron New Cadet Package. Each package will contain the following items:

  1. Zippered Three-Ring binder
  2. Reflective Safety Belt
  3. Squadron Physical Training Uniform (PTU) T-shirt
  4. Squadron Physical Training Uniform (PTU) Shorts
  • Uniform Items

Purchasing uniform items is one of the most expensive aspects of becoming a new cadet. On average, you can expect to spend approximately $300 in initial uniform costs.

At a minimum, cadets are required to maintain three types of uniforms:

  • the Physical Training Uniform (PTU)
  • the camouflage Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)
  • the “Blues” Uniform


Cadet Program FAQ

Can I Stay At The Meetings With My Child?

YES! Parents can always stay and observe what Cadets do at every meeting.

Is CAP Part Of The Military?

No. A lot of people think we are military, particularly because we wear uniforms and have a similar rank structure as the Air Force. We also tend to talk military language with a lot of acronyms and military time. But we are a benevolent, non-profit, civilian-volunteer organization. Our training methods, structure and identifying uniforms are necessary because we often work alongside military and first responders; and quick integration during times of emergencies is imperative to our success.

Is There A Military Obligation?

No. There is no military obligation. However, a lot of Cadets decide they like the structure and opportunities the military offers and choose that career path. In fact, 8% of USAF Academy Cadets are former CAP Cadets. And Cadets that attain the Mitchell Award can enter enlisted military service as an E-3 rather than an E1.

As a Parent or Family Member, Can I Volunteer To Help?

YES! CAP can always use more adult volunteers and you would be surprised at all the exciting things you can do.

To find out more about how you can help your local Squadron, visit the following pages.

Senior Members (Ages 18 and Up)

Parents, Family and Friends as Volunteers

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