Cadet Orientation Flight Requirements

Powered Aircraft “O” Flights
MINIMUM Required Training:
  • Aircraft Ground Handling Course

Log into eServices at
In the left-side menu, select:  Online Learning
In the pop-up menu, select:  Learning Management System
Scroll to the section labeled “Operations,” then complete Aircraft Ground Handling Training

*  Print and bring a copy of the Certificate of Completion (see below)

**  If you have previously completed this course, MAKE SURE IT WILL NOT EXPIRE PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED FLIGHT DAY. If it will expire, re-do the course and print a new certificate.

Required Items:

1.)  Cadet must be under age 18. (Cadets over 18 may participate in aircrew training under ES training.)

2.) CAP Uniform of the Day (UOD), as directed in communications leading up to the scheduled flight day.

Uniform guidelines can be found here.
Cadet Uniform

3.)  CAPID
If you have not received your hard-copy ID, you may print one from eServices.

eServices - CAPID

4.)  Copy of Certificate of Completion:  Aircraft Ground Handling Training

5.)  CAPF 60-80

CAPF 60-80 (Cadet Permission Slip)

6.)  CAPF 160

CAPF 160 (Health History)

7.)  CAPF 161

CAPF 161 (Emergency Contact Info)

8.)  Snacks and Water, also recommend Chewing Gum

9.)  Sunglasses (the sun is a lot brighter when flying)

10.)  Sunscreen

11.)  Lunch and Snack Money

12.)  Camera

How Are Cadets Selected? How Does Slotting Work?

A lot of work goes into scheduling “O” Flights. Coordination has to be done with equipment, pilots and other support personnel, travel accommodations (particularly with Glider Flights), and weather is always a factor that we often can’t account for until the day of the event. “O” Flights are also one of our most popular cadet activities. Many times, we have more cadets sign up than what can be accommodated on any scheduled flying day. In order to address this issue, we have drawn from the same slotting method used by the CAP National Cadet Special Activities Selection Process to determine cadet ranking for scheduling purposes. Approximately 5 days prior to the event, Cadets who signed up for “O” Flights will be ranked using the following criteria, then selected for scheduling as either a “Primary” or “Alternate.” (i.e. if we anticipate accommodating 6 flights on a flight day, we will rank all cadets who sign up and then select the top 6 for “Primary” status. All other cadets will be slotted as “Alternates” and can move to “Primary” if a cadet in “Primary” status drops from the list, or if we determine we can accommodate more than the original number anticipated.)