We are excited to offer our next series of Cadet Orientation Flights (O-flights).

The sign-up form below lists our three (3) flight day / time options. Please sign up for your order of preference as soon as possible so that we can finalize scheduling.

Each time block below is approximately 3.5 to 4 hours based on DEPARTURE time.

If you have multiple cadets, please sign up for each cadet separately. We will attempt to accommodate families together unless otherwise requested by the parent, or if weight and balance requirements or other limitations do not allow it.

Please arrive on time at your designated showtime so that we can stay on schedule with your flight and subsequent flights.

Weather (WX) is always fluid. The decision to fly is always at the discretion of the Pilot In Charge (PIC).

CADETS:  CLICK HERE to be taken to e-Services to take the CAP Aircraft Ground Handling Course. You must bring a copy of your completed certificate before you can participate in the O-Flight.

We also recommend cadets bring sunglasses, chewing gum, snacks, and a camera.