Character Development
(Rev. 1 Jan 2019)

Announcement of New Character Development Program:

New Program Announcement

The New Values for Living 2.0 Character Development Curriculum:

  • The new lessons will run on a two-year cycle starting with the January lesson on Integrity. The lessons build on each other and are intended to be done in order, so every squadron will be doing the same lesson the same month.
  • Phase 1 and 2 cadets will be participants in the new program. Phase 3 cadets will assist facilitators and will help run the small group discussions and activities.
  • The new lessons use a facilitated learning model designed to give the cadets a transformational learning experience that helps them internalize the character trait in each lesson.
  • The old Values for Living materials are no longer authorized after the end of this year, so no more FACS analyses after January 1.

Phase 3 Cadet Resources:

Character Development Curriculum