Cadet Memory Items

All cadets are required to memorize the CAP Motto, Cadet Oath and Cadet Honor Code.


“Semper Vigilans” – Always Vigilant

All Cadets Must Memorize

I pledge that I will serve faithfully
in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program
and that I will attend meetings regularly
participate actively in unit activities
obey my officers
wear my uniform properly
and advance my education and training rapidly
to prepare myself to be of service
to my community, state, and nation.


On my honor, as a Civil Air Patrol Cadet,
I will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do. Furthermore, I will resolve to do my duty and live honorably.

Honor Code Explanation and Expectation:
This does not have to be memorized but each cadet should understand the purpose of the Honor Code and their duty and obligation.

The Cadet Honor Code establishes a common ground or foundation for cadets to compete with one another on a fair and equitable basis. It paves the way for an individual to achieve based upon his own merits. Cheating is taking unfair advantage of others. It applies not only to cheating on a test but to your whole cadet life, from academics to physical education.

Taking someone’s property for whatever reason, without the permission of the owner is stealing. Willfully destroying another person’s property is the same as stealing it because the owner can no longer use his possession.

The toleration clause of the Cadet Honor Code is the backbone of the code. It makes the code work and eliminates the need for a policing body. If a cadet knows of a violation of the Honor Code and does not report it, he becomes an accessory in keeping dishonor within the Corps. Non-toleration is not “ratting” on your fellow cadets, it is simply not tolerating violations of the Cadet Honor Code, within your own Cadet Corps.