Welcome New Cadets and Parents

As a new member of the Mobile Composite Squadron, we would like to welcome you to our unit! We are excited you have chosen to be a part of all things Civil Air Patrol. To start off, here is some important info you need to know.


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Text Message Alerts  –  TEXT: @974hb8   to   81010

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Great Start: Parent Guide


Great Start: New Cadet Guide: Make this guide your #1 resource for getting started in CAP. It will explain WEARING THE UNIFORM, STAYING SAFE, and ENJOYING A GREAT 1st YEAR IN CAP.

Great Start: New Cadet Guide

Get Into Uniform.
  • NOTE:  Please discuss PT uniform items with Cadet Leadership prior to purchase. We are developing a Squadron PT uniform that will be less expensive and more readily available than the Air Force PT uniforms we currently use.
    (This note was revised on: 25 February 2019)

Cadet Uniform

Key Things To Memorize.

All cadets must know the Cadet Memory Items. You have to recite them from memory as part of your testing for your first promotion and beyond.

Cadet Memory Items

Learn The Lingo.

Military Lingo

Know Your Chain of Command.

Know your Chain of Command and use it. Their job is to help you succeed in CAP.

Cadet Chain of Command

Communicate Using Chain of Command.

The who, when and how on communicating within the Chain of Command and abiding by the Cadet Protection Policy.

Cadet Communications

Respect on Display.

How and Why CAP Practices Air Force-Style Customs and Courtesies.
Basics of saluting, coming to attention, the place of honor, reporting, the pledge, introductions, manners of address, etc.

Respect On Display, CAPP 151

Physical Fitness.

Start learning about physical fitness. Go over the educational material with a parent, print your fitness tracker sheets and start exercising so you can pass your PT test.


Drill and Ceremonies.

Start practicing for your first drill test.

  • Look up “Drill Test 1” using the “Drill & Ceremonies – Tests,” linked below.

* The cadet is responsible for printing and bringing the drill test sheet to their scheduled drill test. We must have the Drill Test sheet to score your performance. If you fail to bring your Drill Test sheet, you will not be allowed to take your Drill Test.

Drill & Ceremonies - Tests

  • Then, using the Drill Test 1 sheet as a guide, study and practice the required drill maneuvers. Instructions on each maneuver can be found in the “Drill & Ceremonies – Manual,” linked below.

Drill & Ceremonies - Manual

  • If you need assistance, ask for help from your Cadet Leaders.


  • When you are ready to test, use the “Cadet Training/Test Request” link below to make a testing appointment.

Cadet Training/Test Request


Want More Resources For Drill?

Drill and Ceremonies Videos

Take Your CAP Membership Photo

Don’t wait until your application is approved. In order to get the most out of your CAPID, it needs an approved Membership Photo. Use the guidelines below to obtain your photo. As soon as you get eServices access, upload your photo for approval so it can be included on your new CAP ID that will be mailed to you. If you miss the deadline, a new membership card will cost $3.

My Application Was Approved.
Now What?

1.  Create an account in eServices.

Use THIS LINK to create your account in eServices using your assigned CAP ID number and temporary password. Make sure to change your password and keep it in a safe place.

You will also be prompted to do some preliminary training for OPSEC (Operational Security) in order to proceed to use the eServices website.

As you create your account, double-check that your contact information is complete and correct. This should include:
Parent(s) Contact Info: Entries for both email and phone number (preferably cell). Be sure to put parent’s name in entries.
* If both parents wish to receive emails regarding meetings, events or other information, please be sure to add BOTH parents as separate entries in this section.
Cadet Contact Info: Entries for both email and phone number (preferably cell). Be sure to put cadet name in name section.
Emergency Contact Info: Entries for additional emergency contacts to include the phone number, contact person’s name and relation to the cadet.
* Please be sure to fill out the Emergency Contact section, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO DUPLICATE INFORMATION FROM A PREVIOUS ENTRY. Emergency Contacts can be pulled in a separate report if this information is needed.

2.  Upload your CAP Membership Photo to eServices.
2.  Look Around.

Your NEW CADET KIT will arrive within 10 days of your officially joining CAP. Watch your mailbox.

Give the PARENTS’ GUIDE to your mom, dad, or guardian. To be a successful cadet, you’ll need their support, and the Parents’ Guide can help you explain to them why CAP is important to you.

3.  Read Your Leadership Text.

You will need to pass a 25-question, open-book test on this material to complete Achievement 1 and qualify for promotion to Cadet Airman. Pay attention to the learning objectives and use them to quiz yourself.

Learn To Lead, Chapter 1


4.  Pass the Learn to Lead Chapter 1 Test.

Take your online test. (CAP eServices account required to access test.) You can do so at home, at your convenience.

TEST: Learn To Lead, Chapter 1

 5.  Record Your Progress.

Print your Personal Cadet Tracker and record your passing score.  (Keep a copy of your Personal Cadet Tracker in your CAP binder.)

Personal Cadet Tracker

6.  Plan to Attend Encampment.

Encampment is a full immersion into all the opportunities of cadet life. It’ll be the high point of your first year! Most encampments are 1-week in duration and held during the summer. Check the encampment page to see if information is available and mark your calendar, or ask your squadron for details.

National Encampment Website


Basic Expectations for 1st Year Cadets

★  Stay with CAP for at least 1 year. Give the cadet experience a chance to impact your life.

★  Attend your weekly squadron meetings and other squadron events and activities.

★  Attend one “Saturday” event per month, if available.

★  Attend encampment. It’s an awesome, week-long, overnight activity immersing you into all facets of cadet life.

★  Earn the Wright Brothers’ Award during your first year.

★  Keep school and family obligations your first priorities.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I earn promotions?
Visit Stripes to Diamonds. It will tell you exactly what you need to do to become a Cadet Airman. Keep track of your progress through the Cadet Program using the Personal Cadet Tracker. And if your New Cadet Kit hasn’t arrived yet, you can download Chapter 1 of the leadership textbook above. The Cadet Programs Super Chart on this page shows HOW TO RANK-UP, AT A GLANCE.

2.  What is my CAPID?
Your CAPID is a 6-digit identification number. It’s found on your membership card and in eServices.

3.  Where’s my membership card?
You should receive your CAP ID card in the mail within 30 days of joining. If yours hasn’t arrived, please contact us. You are REQUIRED to carry your CAP ID at all CAP sponsored meetings and events.

4.  How do I get my textbooks?
About 10 days after joining, you should receive a New Cadet Kit in the mail. If you haven’t received yours after 2 weeks, please contact National Membership Services.

5.  Where do I go if I have more questions?
Use your Cadet Chain of Command and talk with local leaders in your squadron. Their job is to help you succeed in CAP.

Moms and dads should visit our Parents’ Page and reach out to Cadet Programs Senior Member Leadership for more assistance.