Complete ICUT:
Introductory Communications User Training:

All CAP members have occasion to operate a CAP radio. This requires that all members be trained in the basics of CAP radio communications. This is accomplished through a three-part online course entitled “ICUT: Introductory Communications User Training.” After completion of the online course, members will schedule a hands-on practical exercise with the Squadron Communications Officer to demonstrate various radio operator skills.

Log into eServices at
In the left-side menu, select:  Online Learning
In the pop-up menu, select:  Learning Management System
Scroll to the section labeled “Communications,” then:

Complete:  ICUT: Introductory Communications User Training

Once you have completed your online training, use the following form to request a time with a Squadron Communications Skills Evaluator to complete your practical (hands-on) ICUT training and sign-off.

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