How to Join CAP as a Cadet
(Youth Ages 12 to 20)

Cadet Prospects Must:

  • be twelve years of age through 18 years of age,
  • be enrolled in or graduated from a private, public, home school or college program with a satisfactory record of academic achievement,
  • be single, or married and under age 18,
  • not be a member of the Active Duty Armed Forces
  • be a citizen of the United States of America or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence,
  • be of good moral character.

To Apply, Cadet Prospects Must:

  • participate in a trial period by attending three (3) Squadron meetings before requesting membership,
    • Cadets and their Parents are invited to attend a Squadron Open House or visit a MONDAY Meeting.
    • Complete a total of 3 Squadron Visits (attending an Open House counts as one). This allows Prospective Cadets and their Parents the opportunity to get a good feel for what the program has to offer, what the expectations are for cadet participation, and to have any questions answered.
    • Express your interest in joining and request a Membership Board from the Deputy Commander for Cadets. A Membership Board allows both the Prospective Cadet and their Parents, and Squadron Leadership to discuss the details of membership before officially applying for membership.
  • be approved by the Unit Membership Board (IAW CAPR 39-2, para 1.5.).

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*NOTE: A parent or guardian must remain with a Prospective Cadet during Squadron visits. Once your child has established active membership with CAP, it is no longer necessary for a parent or guardian to be present. However, we always encourage parents / guardians to attend and get involved in Squadron activities. See our Parents, Family and Friends page by CLICKING HERE.

Cadet Application Process:

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