General Emergency Services

GES 116 (CAPT 116):

All Members should, as soon as practical, complete GES 116 (also called CAPT 116 in eServices). This training is the prerequisite for practical training for real world events. The test is not timed and is open book.

First, review the General Emergency Services Slides for GES / CAPT 116:

GES 116 Slides

After you have reviewed the slides:

Log into eServices

Click on “Online Learning” in the left menu

Select “Learning Management System” under “Applications” in the pop-up

Scroll down to the “Emergency Services” section

Select “CAPT 116 – General ES – September 2009

GES 116 / CAPT 116 Reading Material and Test

(must be logged into eServices to get to the test using the link above)

GES 117, Continuing Education, Part 1:

This should be your next phase of online training. Available at the same “Learning Management System” page as referenced above.