Senior Member Resources

Best Practices:  If you are assuming a new role within CAP, please take a moment to review the Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI) worksheet for your role to learn the area expectations.

SUI Worksheets

Cadet Programs:  If you will be working with Cadets at all, this is a great resource to learn the basics regarding training and applicable regulations.

Cadet Programs

Real World Mission Certified:  If your interests include volunteering for a wide variety of real world situations, the following links are a great starting point.

ES Training - Ground/Air

Military Terms, Definitions and Acronyms:  Sometimes we forget new Members might not be familiar with all of our Lingo. If you feel like sometimes we are speaking a different language… In a way, we are. The following link covers some basics and not-so-basic.

Military Terms and Lingo