Other Ways To Volunteer:
Parents, Family And Friends

Thank you for considering being a volunteer for your local CAP Squadron. CAP can always use more adult volunteers. Here are some ways you can contribute.

Cadet Sponsor Member (CSM):

Parents willing to serve occasionally as a chaperone or driver are encouraged to join as a Cadet Sponsor Member. CSMs pay a reduced rate of national dues and are exempt from local dues. To ensure they understand CAP missions and their role in supporting cadets, CSMs complete the Level I Orientation Course, and for safety are screened and trained per our cadet protection standards. For a uniform, CSMs may wear a distinctive CAP uniform such as a special CAP polo shirt, or opt to remain in appropriate civilian attire.

Squadron Committee Volunteers:

Adults can support the Cadets in their local Squadron without officially joining CAP by serving on support committees. Some ways adults can help include:

  • asking area businesses to make financial or in-kind donations
  • organizing a carpool system
  • planning an awards night or pot luck dinner
  • helping the squadron connect with local civic groups
  • serving as a guest speaker
  • spreading the news about CAP and helping recruit new members.

Officers / Senior Members:

Adults who are interested in participating more fully in CAP’s missions should consider joining as a Senior Member.

Senior Members maintain full CAP membership. Mirroring our Cadet Program, Senior Members also gain educational and leadership achievements that help them progress through a similar Civilian Auxiliary rank structure. You don’t have to have any particular skills or training to volunteer, just a willingness to learn. We offer a robust educational infrastructure that includes self-paced online training, one-on-one mentoring and hands-on training at the local, state, regional and national levels.

CAP has something for just about any interest. Senior Members can assist in mentoring the next generation of citizens by working with the Cadet Program. They can also contribute their skills and knowledge, or take on new endeavors by volunteering in a wide variety of roles from Administrative to Public Relations, Finance, Legal, and as a member of an Emergencies Services Response Team. Training to become “mission qualified” allows you to volunteer to help out your community, state and nation in times of emergencies and help provide disaster relief. Emergencies Services is our most important mission and offers training in areas such as Incident Command Center Staff, Communications, Ground Team Search and Rescue, Air Crew for missions involving the CAP plane, Aerial Photography, and so much more. These options are not exclusive and you can train and certify in as many areas as you desire.  If you are interested in participating with full CAP membership, CLICK HERE.

1st Lt Gregory Green being “pinned” (promoted) by three of his children.


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